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Upload API

We have a blazing-fast, open-source upload API that from our tests runs at 50-70ms maximum!

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Embedded & Direct Access

You can choose whether ads will be displayed on your files (normal screenshot uploader) or if you would like to use us as a CDN with direct access!

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Great Uptime

We strive to have one of the best uptimes possible. You can monitor it at our status page

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Amazing stats

We are proud of our statistics and our records, as such, we have them to the public eye!

We provide our total statistics to the public eye. If you would like to view your personal stats, please visit our user panel.








Upgraded Users

Statistics are updated every site build.

Accessible from everywhere

Our API was created in such a way that you can even use it on a fridge!

Always evolving

We are always making changes to our API in order to provide the best service we possibly can!

Simple and transparent

No limits as to what you can do

If you can imagine something, it can happen! Want to upload a porno from a vibrator? Well now you can!

ShareX Configuration

Using curl to upload to RATELIMITED

Using Python to upload to RATELIMITED

Developer tools

Are you a developer? Great, So are we!
We understand the importance of developer documentation for such a service, and as such, we have provided full documentation on our Confluence instance, but also our GitHub Wiki.

x = requests.post('https://api.ratelimited.me/upload/pomf?key=INSERTKEYHERE', files={'files[]': open('test.bin','rb')})

Integration tools

Easy integrations for your convenience

Whether on a PC, mobile device, a microwave, a fridge or an internet-connected vibrator, we got you covered! If it can make HTTPS requests, you bet your ass that you can use RLAPI!



We integrate with ShareX using the Custom Uploader function.


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