RATELITED is an open-source file hosting service, which offers multiple domains, email and a great community.

A fun way to handle screenshots

Why not just join-the.dmca.club?

RATELIMITED is an open-source alternative to throwaway file hosts, but with extra features! We offer access to a plethora of domains, which you can make memes out of to host your files!


We also offer free e-mail services to our users on our public domains!

File Hosting

We offer free file hosting for everyone. Access to your files can be managed by you, including the metadata that is reported back!

Custom Permissions

You can make your files require a password in order to be viewed. (RLAPIv3 Only)


We also have a community on Discord, and forums!

A solution for every need

Whether you are a simple user, a techno-geek, an enterprise, or heck, even some superstar from WWE, We've got you covered. RATELIMITED offers multiple modes of file transport, including raw-CDN, beautifully-metatagged pages (with, and without ads), and even password locking your files! If we don't offer a feature, don't fret, contact our support team and we might implement it!

  • Fullly open-source

    RATELIMITED's API, web-panel, and miscelanious scripts can be found on our GitHub page.

  • Free Updates

    You'll get lifetime free updates as we improve or add new features.

  • Premium Support

    In case you need it, We got you covered, with our premium quality fast support service.

Documentation Included

We offer full client & developer documentation in order to help you get set up and running in no time. We also offer support, free-of-charge.

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We work extremely hard in providing a secure environment to host your files on, if you think you have found a vulnerability, please reach out to us via our Hackerone page